A: BOLEIN mainly focus on main products in telecommunication area, we devide them into 3 families according to different application——Network Server Rack (Cabinet), Copper System Solutions, Fiber Optic Solutions.

A: All the cabinets is 19″ (48.26cm) width standard, so first you need make sure the width of your device is standard, or less than 19″; second, plan to the equipments and quantities you want to put in the racks, which will determine the height of the cabinet, we name all the cabinet height in U, an abbreviation of UNIT ( 1U=4.445cm); third, check the depth of your device to determine the depth of cabinet, if you need keep regular server in, please choose the depth 1000mm or more.

A: Nowadays, the most popular is categroy 6, however, categroy 7 is also applied somewhere to get a higher performance. For this kind of products, the main features which will determine the cost is the way of shield, such as UTP, FTP, SFTP etc. If for cables, we have to consider another element—coating, like PVC or LSZH which will influence the cost as well. For details inquiry, please contact our professional sales team.

A: For fiber optic items, we mainly provide pigtails, patch cords, adaptors (connectors), drop cables, feeder cables, distribution units, splitters, patch panels. The FTTx system is a very comprehensive project in the link telecommunication, please contact us for details if you have any inquiry.

A: BOLEIN’s production is under an authorized certification system to fulfill the industrial requirements. What’s more, we have more than 10 years experience in this field, and well-skilled engineers as well as after-sale service team to solve any single issue from customers.
A: Generally, we do not provide free sample, unless we do some promotion, please following our Facebook page for our latest activity or discount.
A: Yes, we have an easy return policy; please visit our return policy page for details.

A: Yes. So far, we have companies in United Arab Emirates and Pakistan with professional sales teams to serve the local and neighbor market. And some agents in Africa. Meanwhile, we are looking for new agents in new regions.Welcome to talk if you are interested.

A: BOLEIN network cabinet is available for assembled and unassemebled conditions when delivery. But considering the cost of shipping, mostly the dispatching is unassembled.

A: Abusolutely we accept OEM order from customer, as well as ODM or non-standard requirement. For details, please contact our sales team, they will provide you a professional solution.
A: For any cooper system patch cord, the MOQ is 10000 meters for one color each order.
A: Yes. BOLEIN is an intergrited company, our advantage is able to provide with various products. Most important is we will make customers not worry about purchase.
A: They are using in different places; it depends on where you use it. If you plan to put the servers or other bigger network equipment to get a better heat-dispatching, you’d better choose the venter door; it is more convenient for radiating; If you plan to put network IT equipment, such as routers, you could choose the glass door racks, which could protect your equipment from dusty and easy to check your equipment’s running.
A: Customer always asks, does your 42U racks could put 42pieces 1U servers? Our answer is: No.

There’s limited space for one rack, except servers, you must also consider leaving enough space if you plan to put the power supply equipment, switches, monitors, cablings or any other networking equipment, also should leave spaces that convenient for you to move this equipment while repairing it. So our suggestion is before you choose the cabinet, make sure what kind of equipment you plan to put in your racks first.

A: Yes, we put assemble manual in every box of our cabinet, or you could visit our YouTube Channel to watching the assemble video.
A: Generally we do EXW and FOB. If you are the customer from United Arab Emirates, or GCC area in Middle East, we can offer CIF.

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