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19Inch Rack PDU

1U Power Distribution Unit, Australia Output 8 Way
19Inch Rack PDU

PDU (Power Distribution Unit) is a power distribution manager with power distribution and management functions specially used in the server rack cabinet. And, it is the first and most intimate component of various equipment operations. So, the quality of PDU directly affects each equipment.
Bolein 19inch Australia rack rack PDU is for server rack, design is reasonable, strict quality standards, safe and trouble-free working time is long, leakage and over-current overload protection is excellent, frequent insertion and removal actions are not easy to damage, heat rise is small, installation is more flexible and convenient, suitable for those with strict electricity requirements. It also fundamentally eliminates potential safety hazards such as frequent power outages, burns, and fires caused by poor contact and small loads.

Basic Parameters:

1, Rated voltage: 110V/220-250V.

2, Rated current: 10A, 13A or 16A. We can also meet your 32A, even 64A, current requirements if you need.

3, Frequancy: 50 or 60 HZ.

4, Socket is Australia type. You can choose the appropriate plug (UK, MF, Euro, IEC, Industrial etc.) according to your needs.

5, There also are some options for the outlet number. We can provide you with power distribution unit from 6 to 36 ways.

6, The jack material is aluminum alloy, which can extend the service life of the PDU.

7, The PDU length of 8 Ways and below is 19 ”. When installing in the cabinet, you can choose to install horizontally or vertically.

8, For PDUs with more than 8 Ways, they can only be installed vertically.

9, We have two kinds of PDUs widths: 1U and 1.5U (4.445 cm and 6.668cm). For customers with high current requirements, we recommend 1.5U products. The thicker of wire, and the higher the efficiency of power transmission. In the case of thick wires, a 1.5U wide PDU can provide more space, so as to reduce interference between wires.

10, Power cord length is generally 2m. 3m is also available based on customers’s requests.

11, Air switch and overload protection are optional.

12, CE and RoHS Certificates.

Bolein Australia 8 Way PDU.PDF


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