(1) What is network cabinet?

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Nowadays, with the rapid development of the Internet, a variety of network equipment is increasing, many enterprises or buildings have put forward the demand for expansion, however,the high cost of land rent makes the equipment develop in the direction of high density.

The floor type network cabinet, which covers a small area but can accommodate a variety of equipment, has become an indispensable network infrastructure of the data room.

The network cabinet is a kind of cuboid cabinet composed of frame and cover board. It can install the switch, optical fiber adapter, optical fiber distribution frame and other equipment in a cabinet, which has the properties of electromagnetic isolation, noise isolation, ventilation and heat dissipation, vibration resistance, corrosion resistance and so on, which can ensure the stable and reliable work of the equipment, as well as the convenience and safety of installation, maintenance, management and so on. It is widely used in network integrated wiring, data room, radio and television and other fields.

Beside the mentioned above, network cabinet also has the following functions:

  1. It can effectively improve the overall beauty of the data room; the 19-inch design of the network cabinet can accommodate a large number of network equipment, simplify the layout of the data room and improve the beauty of the data;
  2. It can effectively ensure the safety and stability of the equipment, and the heat dissipation fan of the network cabinet can send the heat emitted by the equipment out of the cabinet to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.In addition, the network cabinet can enhance electromagnetic shielding, less noise, and even filter the air.

(2) What’s the difference between network cabinet and server cabinet?

At present, many people confuse network cabinet with server cabinet, and classify them as same cabinet. In fact, there are still differences between network cabinets and server cabinets, the main differences are reflected in the following two aspects:

  1. The server cabinets is generally used to install servers, monitors or UPS and other equipment, to provide a good working environment for electronic devices. As mentioned above, the network cabinet is mainly used to install routers, switches, optical fiber distribution boxes, optical fiber adapters and other equipment.
  2. The size of server cabinets is generally 2055(Height–42U) × 600(Width) x 1000-1200(Depth) mm, while the size of the network cabinet is generally 2055(Height–42U) × 800(Width) x 1000-1200(Depth) mm.

42U 600*1000                            42U 800*1000

(3) How to distribute the cables the network cabinet?

Cable distribution in network cabinet is together with cable management and distribution box. As we know, the network cabinet is used to install switches and other equipment. Because the network cabinet space is large, the installation of more equipment, the number of cables in the network cabinet will be more accordingly. Considering the vertical and horizontal cable fixed, the network cabinet wiring can be used in conjunction with the vertical cable management and the horizontal cable management, if applied in the network cabinet space, the number of cables in the network cabinet will be large.

40G/100G network environment, it can be used with ultra-high density fiber distribution box. In addition, in order to facilitate the management of cables in the network cabinet, we can use the cable tie-in belt to bind and fix the cables.