Project Description

Wire Tracker Cable Tester 806B

806B wire track tester,it can search for ethernet lines, telephone lines and coaxial lines when any type of Ethernet switch, router, or PC equipment terminal is turned on. It is a very reliable tester for engineers.

It can support network cable sequence checking when the router / switch is turned on. Improving the work efficiency of network maintenance.

This wire track tester has different beep sound prompts, engineers can quickly identify the type of failure; It is with earphone accessories for external noisy environment, and the volume is adjustable according to personal requirements.

There are two crocodile mouths clips, is to avoid the trouble of making connectors. The RJ45 / RJ11 interface cable can directly connect the network and telephone line modules.

It is with LED lights, convenient for use in dark environments, the test line is individually configured, easy to use.

The testing distance for telephone cable can reach to 2000 meters. If it is a ethernet cable, it is theoretically 2000 meters also, but this depends on the quality of the ethernet cable. For example, the poor quality network cable has a long transmission distance of about 100 meters. 

  • Suitable for underground lan cable test;
  • DC level test, telephone line test, sequence collation test, network wire collation test;
  • LED display.

Bolein Cable Tester.PDF


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