Project Description

FTTH Etisalat ONU Cabinet

Etisalat Approved ,600*600*150 Wall Mount 


BOLEIN Etisalat ONU (Optical Network Termination Unit) cabinet is to conform precisely to Etisalat FTTX specifications . And the robust and durable design makes it easy to install and maintain. Also this ONU is available grey color RAL7035 and offwhite color RAL9010.

Etisalat ONU is an optical network unit, which is generally used by multiple users. It is mostly in the corridor as a part of PON system, and its another name is MDU (multi-dwelling unit). The optical model is ONT (optical network terminal), is for home use or office use. Generally, there are  some different types, seperately is SFU (Single User Unit), SBU (Single Business User Unit), HGU (Home Gateway Unit).  ONU is generally a rack structure installed on the wall or in the wall, ONT is a desktop device, placed in a desktop or multimedia box


  • 600mm*600mm*150mm wall mount installation(without frame);
  • Ventilated door design with tempered glass;
  • Keylock on the door;
  • 19″ standard installation;
  • Cable entry on both top and bottom;
  • Turning angle of front door is over 180 degree.
  • Adjustable mounting rails to be used for mounting various equipments.
  • Optional 4U mounting panel and power sockets can be supplied.

Bolein Wall Mount ONU Cabinet.PDF


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