Project Description

Convinient Stripping Tool, 501

501 stripper tool is a very convinient stripping tool, as well as a coaxial cable crimping hand tool. It can peel off the cable outer jack very easily.

1. Made of high-quality ABS, one environmental protection material; Exquisite technology, easy to carry; With an inner spring to save the labor power; Structure is strong and product is durable.

2.High quality blade, with the three-blade design of mold base, it can strip multiple coaxial cable (such as RG58 / RG59/RG62/RG6 / 3C2V / 4C / 5C); It can strip the outer insulation & shielding wire & insulated wire at oen time, easy to use; A long serving life of high-quality wear-resistant blades.

3. The depth of the blade can be easily adjusted at will. According to the cable specifications, you can sdjust the screw to control the cutting depth of the blade to avoid accidental injury to the cable.

4. Bracelet design, wire stripping is light and handy, easy to work, and gently strip to strip the wire.

  • Multi-function Automatic Ethernet Wire Stripping Pliers Coaxial LAN Cable Crimping Hand Tool For RJ45 Modular Plug;
  • PP handle, Carbon steel tong head.

Bolein Stripper Tool.PDF


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