Project Description

Steel Tape Loose Tube Cable (GYTS)

Armored Outdoor, Gel-Filled, PE 

Bolein cable GYTS- Multi Loose Tube corrugated Steel tape external cables consist of 250um fibers held in gel-filled PBT loose tubes wrapped around a
phosphatized steel wire central strength member. This is surrounded by either water blocking jelly; a corrugated steel tape laminated on both sides
with polyethylene and bonded tightly to the polyethylene sheath.

There are many other types Bolein cable GYTA, GYXTW, GYTA53, GJFJV, and ADSS for your choice.these cables used for indoor and outdoor.

Especially suitable for occasions with high requirements on moisture-proof, rodent-proof, etc.

Bolein cable GYTS has good hydrolysis resistance and high strength.

The full name of fiber cable is optical fiber cable or optic fiber cable. They are made of pure quartz, and change into a very tiny thin wire by a special process. The diameter of the optical fiber is even thinner than the hair.

The characteristics of optical fiber are: fast transmission speed, long-distance, many contents, and are not subject to electromagnetic interference, not afraid of thunder and lightning, difficult to eavesdrop on the outside, non-conductive, and no trouble of grounding between devices.



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