Project Description

Smart Rack Mount PDU

LCD display, Socket & plug optional
Smart Rack Mount PDU

Smart PDU (Reachctrl Power, IP power supply, intelligent power supply or rack-mounted power distribution unit), has both power distribution and management functions. By introducing novel communication methods such as Ethernet and voice services, it adds intelligent management control modules and control chips that traditional PDUs and PCU devices cannot provide to form a power distribution unit that can achieve to control remotely and plan now. It can not only monitor power supply voltage, power supply voltage frequency, each output current and other parameters, but also can realize remote control, centralized management, automatic cycle control, safety management, reliability management and others. So,the advanced PDU is a good helper for power management.



Light: run and alarm;

Reset hole; Button: down, up and menu;

Connector: net, seneor, RS485 and link.

Basic Techinical Parameters:

1, Current: 32A (single phase) or 16A*3 (3 phase).

2, Voltage: 110/220V (single phase) or 380V (3 phase).

3, Frequancy: 50 or 60HZ.

4, Installation method is vertical fixed type.

5, There are many options for the socket & plug, includes Multi-functional, IEC C13, IEC C19, Euro, USA, UK, France, Australia, Italy, Africa and so on.

6, Ports number can customize based on your situation, you can choose 6 ways, 7 ways, 8 ways, 10 ways, 12 ways to 36 ways.

7, Operation temperature is from 0℃ to 55℃.

8, Relative humidity is 10%-90%.

9, Storage temperature is from -20℃ to 70℃.

Other Features:

1, LCD displays the total input voltage, total current, total power and so on.

2, Bolein smart PDU can monitor the load current, input voltage, load power, total electricity consumption, environmental temperature and humidity.

3, When the total load current exceeds the rated value or temperature and humidity exceeds the upper and lower limits, it will alarm.

4, Alarm mode includes buzzer beep, LCD digital flash, email is also automatically sent to the system administrator. Besided these, the SNMP also send alert status information and serial port communication background send the alarm status information.

5, It can be cascaded for two products.

6, Access methods have WEB access control through IE, SNMP(V1)via standard network management workstation access control and Telnet command line.

Bolein Smart PDU.PDF


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