Project Description

HT-324B Punch Tool

Orange Handle

HT-324B punch tool is a kind of punch tools, like a screw-driver where is available with a inverted U in the bottom. It is a special tool that can connect the cable with the data modules by punching.

The socket and the module are nested together, and the wire buried in the wall is threaded through the information module.Connected with the external network cable, the wall internal network cable and information module is connected by the eight cores of the network cable according to the provisions of the corresponding slot card into the information module. A special wire clipping tool, called “wire clipper”, is needed to insert the cable.

This punch tool is applied for cable, module, wiring connection.  Its head is made by special carbon steel to abtain a durable usage. It is convinient for multiple types of products and easy for using.

Additionally, it has some features following:

  • Double cutter heads;
  • Applicable for cat5e, cat6, cat7;
  • 110 type threading knife;
  • Single line punching;
  • Available assist device;
  • For seating wire into terminal black or cut off wire end after terminated;
  • Suitable for STP/UTP cable, coaxial cable, telephone line, RJ45 keystone;
  • Plastic molded handle, steel blade.

Bolein Punching Tool.PDF


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