Project Description

SC8108 Digital Network Cable Tester

SC8108 digital network cable tester is a powerful special tool to prevent and solve cable installation problems. It’s the best choice to verify any speech and data cable installation procedure. Besides, the tester is capable to have a number of tests such as cable connection sequence, length, user jumper and cable connection continuity and determine any open circuit, short circuit, jumper or cross-talk interference. Therefore, it’s a useful tool to reduce cable installation cost and save cable installation time.

  • One person enough to complete cable continuity check.
  • Check wiring error in Cat.5E, Cat.6, Coaxial cable and telephone line.
  • Locate the wiring or connection error.
  • Measure cable length and determine the distance of open circuit and short circuit.
  • Dynamically calibration cable length and make length measurement as accurate as 97%.
  • Simple and easy use. Big screen to display test clear.
  • Portable unit with long battery life (waiter-case 50 hours).
  • Auto-matically time-delay shut off.
  • Measure length and pair with or without far-end recognizer.
  • Far -end recognizer with prompting voice.
  • Self-checking function and auto-matically compensate any change in battery capacity or ambient temperature.
  • Single board computer software watchdog design and reliable operation.

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Bolein Cable Tester.PDF


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