Project Description

Network Cabinet Wall Mount

Double Section 600*600mm Size

Small wall mount server rack is widely used in the intelligent construction of communities, wiring closets, corridors with small space, and communication and network environments with less installed equipment. Small wall mount server rack has advantages of small size, easy installation and disassembly, easy management, and anti-theft. Wall-mounted cabinets only need to open 2-4 wall-mounted holes on the rear of the cabinet, and use expansion screws to fix it on the wall or directly embedded in the wall to install. Wall mount cabinets contain some different types depending on their design, such as single section and double section. As well as different sizes, such as 450mm depth, 600mm depth etc.

  • Available height including 6U/9U/12U/15U/18U;
  • 19″ standard installation welded frame, SPCC cold rolled steel;
  • Front hardened glass door with a turning angle 180°, and ventilation on the up & down edges;
  • Cabinet can be swung with a turning angle more than 90°;
  • Knock out holes  for cable entry on both of top cover and bottom panel;
  • 2 fan-holes on the top cover (fan unit is optional);
  • Removable side doors, optional for lock;
  • Static loading is 60Kg max;
  • Degreasing, pickling, phosphoric, powder-coated surface finish;
  • Standard color: RAL 9004 black.

Bolein Wall Mount Double Section Server Rack Cabinet.PDF


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