Project Description

Fast Assembly Connector


The optical fiber fast assemble connector is also called the optical fiber fast connector. It has the charactors of simple operation, fast construction. It has no special requirements for the operating environment, no construction source. Only need some simple tools and easy to carry. After the connection is completed, the effect of the fiber connection operation can be visually inspected to determine the quality of the connection,to avoid further corrections, to reduce construction cost.

Because the device is designed with a non-pre-buried optical fiber structure, there is only one optical fiber docking point. So the connection loss is generally small. And it will get a good connection stability as well as low insertion loss.

It is available various types, like: SC/APC, SC/UPC, LC/APC, LC/UPC.

Applicable forDrop cableIndoor
Fiber modeSM & MM
Operation timeSAbout 50(no fiber cut)
Insertion LossdB≤0.5
Insertion Loss Typical valuedB0.3
Return LossdB≥50
Fastening strength of naked fiberN≥5
Tensile strengthN≥50
ReusableTime≥10 times
Operating Temperature-40~+85
On-line tensile strength(20N)dBΔIL≤0.3
Mechanical durability(500 times)dBΔIL≤0.3
Drop-off test(drop-off height4m,once per direction,totally 3 times)dBΔIL≤0.3



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