Project Description

Krone Type Punch Tool

UTP Cable, adjustable cutter

Krone type punch tool is applied for data room cabling and network cabling.  It has the advantages as below descripted:

1. Cutter head screw has a function of adjustment. The user can adjust the screw to adapt a need of special aire diameter in some special condition (such as thicker or thinner lines).

2. The adjustable clip can provide the user more options according to different requirement. When they punch the cable, they can choose cut the cable or no cut by the adjustable clip.

Additionally, it has some features following:

  • Easy operation: line-cut completed in an instant, without special training, without power supply.
  • Fast connection:  the wiring work is completed after a sound of “clicks”, and the connection diameter is 0.4-0.8mm.
  • UTP Twisted Cable Cutting Punching Clamp For Keystone Jack.
  • With an adjustable on-off impact selector.
  • Blade Material: Alloy steel hardened;
  • Durable using but with a light weight;
  • Considerate design, user can switch the button to change the cutting function of cutter;
  • More blade is available but hiden when it is not used;
  • Perfectly suitable for Krone module punching.

Bolein Krone Type UTP Cable Punching Tool.PDF


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