Project Description

Indoor Distribution Box

20 Pair, 30Pair, 50Pair, 100Pair

Indoor distribution box is a terminal equipment used at the junction point. It is mainly for local telephone feeder communication cable and distribution cable. The feeder cable can connect with distribution cable arbitrarily by patch cords in the box, to make the connecting distribution line  completed.

The outer material of this distribution box is ABS, inner material is metal frame which will provide a support to the disconnecion modules. There are four roatating screws on the four conors of box. It is a very convenient and easy-operating.

This distribution box is working with 10 pair disconnection modules. So the number of metal frame in the box determine the how many pair it is. Such as if there is one frame of 2 lines, means it can fix 2 disconnection modules, so it will be 20 pairs distribution box; if there is one frame of 3 line, it is 30 pairs distribution box, and so forth.

  • Available 20 / 30 / 50 / 100 pair for different requirment;
  • ABS housing;
  • Aluminium frame base inside;
  • Easier handling locks on 4 cornors of the box.

Bolein Indoor Distribution Box.PDF


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