Project Description

Optical Fiber Cable (GJFJV)

Aramid Yarn, Indoor, PVC

GJFJV indoor optic fiber cable is made of multi-strand aramid yarn, this yarn is reinforced evenly on the outside of the single-mode tight sleeve optical fiber, and then extruded flame-retardant outer sheath. This cable adapts to indoor distribution mostly, as well as outdoor but with PE tube only. This cable has characters of soft, easy to peel, to facilitate follow, circular structure, small size, lightweight. And there are many options of the optical cable for by outer diameter. Usually we can find normal models like 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, and 3.0mm.


  • GJ —– Indoor optical cable for communication
  • F —– Non-metallic reinforcing member
  • J —– Coated structure of optical cable tight sleeve
  • V —– PVC sheath

The full name of fiber cable is optical fiber cable or optic fiber cable. They are made of pure quartz, and change into a very tiny thin wire by a special process. The diameter of the optical fiber is even thinner than the hair.

The characteristics of optical fiber are: fast transmission speed, long-distance, many contents, and are not subject to electromagnetic interference, not afraid of thunder and lightning, difficult to eavesdrop on the outside, non-conductive, and no trouble of grounding between devices.



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