Project Description

SC Simplex Fiber Optic Patch Panel Fix Type 12 / 24 Port

Optical fiber distribution frame is important supporting equipment in the optical transmission system, used for optical fiber fusion, optical connector adjustment, redundant tail fiber storage, and optical cable protection, and other functions, it plays an important role in the safe operation and flexible use of optical fiber communication network.

How to use?-We need to insert the joint connector on the fiber optic pigtail into the adaptor, and the other connector of the adapter realizes the optical connection.

Fiber optic patch panel is mainly divided into 12-port optical fiber distribution frame, 24-port optical fiber distribution frame, 48-port optical fiber distribution frame, 72-port optical fiber distribution frame, 96-port optical fiber distribution frame, 144-port optical fiber distribution frame.

Our fixed type patch panel has 12 ports and 24ports, you can choose.if you have other types, we can do a product based on your requirement.

  • Item name: fixed type patch panel;
  • Fine grade finish surface, degreasing, and pickling;
  • 12 port and 24 port are both available depends on customer requirement;
  • It is suitable for SC/APC simplex, SC/UPC simplex, LC/APC duplex, LC/UPC duplex, etc.
  • Strength core and shell was insulation, add with grounding lead.
  • Full accessories for convenience.



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