Project Description

Fiber Optic Splicing Tray 12/24 Core Fibers

The fiber optic splicing tray is to protect the fusion splice point after the optical fiber is spliced. Putting the heat shrinkable sleeve on the card slot can be well fixed and protected. At the same time, the excess pigtail can be put up to save space, organize the wire. As well plays a protective role to the pigtail.

The fiber optic splicing tray is not enough to provide a strong protection for the fiber, so it is often used with other fiber management products. Due to its small size and good performance, the fiber fusion splice tray is often installed as an accessory in fiber splice units, and fiber distribution boxes. This section will detail the application of fiber fusion splice trays in these devices.

Optical Splice Tray 12 Core / 24 Core  ODF is a tool used to put excess fiber core when the optical cable is connected (commonly known as splice). It is generally fixed in the middle of the optical cable terminal box and is an important part of the optical cable terminal box.

  • 24 ports for one unit;
  • black / grey plastic frame;
  • Fiber pigtail management.



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