Project Description

Outdoor Fiber Optical Cable (ADSS)

The ADSS optical cable, a sort of fiber optic cables adopts a loose sheathed twisted structure. This fiber is sheathed in a loose tube made of high modulus polyester material. And a waterproof compound fills in the loose tube. The loose tube (and filler rope) twists around a non-metallic central reinforcement core (FRP) to form a compact cable core, and water blocking grease fills the the gaps in the cable core. The outer core of the cable is extruded with polyethylene (PE) inner sheath, and then two-way twisted two layers strengths the aramid yarn. And the outer end is extruded with polyethylene (PE) jacket or electric corrosion resistant (AT) jacket.

  • This fiber optic cable can be erected on the same pole tower as the power line without the need for another pole tower.
  • We can carry out construction without power outages. Failure of power lines does not affect the normal transmission of optical cables.
  • Non-metallic structure, good insulation performance, lightning protection.
  • The production process is excellent, the aramid yarn is evenly stressed, and has excellent stress and strain properties.
  • The cable diameter is small, the weight is light, the span can reach 1500M, and the additional load on the tower is low.
  • High tensile strength, which can exceed 90KN, excellent anti-corrosion performance.
  • Excellent anti-shock performance, can adapt to harsh climatic conditions.



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