Project Description

IP55 Electrical Control Enclosure

Floor-standing 1800mm-2200mm Height

IP55 Electrical control enclosure is widely used in AC 50Hz, rated working power voltage AC 380V low-voltage power grid system. Also, it can be used in AC 50Hz, below 500V power system as fire pump control, submersible pump control, fire fan control, fan control, lighting and distribution control. There are direct starting control, triangle step-down starting control, auto-step-down starting control, inverter starting control, soft starting control etc.

A). Standard: Comply with IEC60529/EN60529.10.91; GB4208-93 standard.

B). Features:

a). Strong profiled bar, stable structure, exquisite image, spacious inner mounting space;

b). Mounting panel (integrated size: 25mm) can be adjusted and moveable;

c). Top cover, side panel, back panel and bottom panel fixed by screws, easy assemble and installation;

d). 3-section bottom panel,easy to enter cables;

e). Door can be opened to 130 degree, open left or right freely;

f). All-round Polyurethane Gasket between door and frame, with good sealing performance;

g). Various optional dimension and structure according to customer requirements.

C). Degree of protection: IP55.

D). Surface finish: Degreasing, phosphoric, powder coating and spray painting, drying.

E). Optional: Plinth, mounting panel, grid filter, fan, file pocket, head lamp.

F). Color: RAL7032 & RAL7035.

Bolein Steel Electrical Control Box.PDF


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