Project Description

Double Armored & Double Sheathed  Cable (GYTA53)

Outdoor, Gel-Filled, PE

GYTA53 fiber cable consists of 250um fibers held in gel-filled PBT loose tubes, and wrapped around a phosphatized steel wire central strength member. A waterproof compound fills the loose tube, and the center of the cable core is a metal reinforced core. For some optical fiber cables, a layer of polyethylene (PE) needs to be extruded outside the metal-reinforced core. And the loose tube (and filler rope) twists around the central reinforcing core to form a compact and round cable core, and the water blocking fillers fill the gaps in the cable core. A polyethylene sheath wraps and extrudes into plastic-coated aluminum tape (APL) longitudinally to form a cable.


  • GY——Outdoor optic communication cable
  • T——Filled structure
  • A——Aluminum-polyethylene bonded sheath (referred to as A sheath)
  • 5——Wrinkled steel belt
  • 3——Polyethylene protective sleeve

The full name of fiber cable is optical fiber cable or optic fiber cable. They are made of pure quartz, and change into a very tiny thin wire by a special process. The diameter of the optical fiber is even thinner than the hair.

The characteristics of optical fiber are: fast transmission speed, long-distance, many contents, and are not subject to electromagnetic interference, not afraid of thunder and lightning, difficult to eavesdrop on the outside, non-conductive, and no trouble of grounding between devices.



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