Project Description

Dome Type Splice Enclosure

Vertical optical enclosure has another name of dome type enclosure, it is available up to 96 core.

The optical cable enclosure is a device to connect two or more optical cables together, and protect the connection part. It is very necessary for the construction of the optical cable line project, as well is one of the very important equipment. The quality of the optical cable enclosure directly affects the working quality and the serving life of the optical cable line.

It is mainly used for the straight-through and branch connection of the overhead, pipeline, direct buried and other laying methods of various structural optical cables.

It has the performance of restoring the integrity of the cable jacket and the mechanical continuity of the cable reinforcement member.

Providing the function of electrical connection, grounding or disconnection of the metal components in the optical cable.

It has the performance of protecting the optical fiber connector from the environment.

Providing the function of placing the optical fiber connector and storing the remaining optical fiber.

When necessary, the fiber optic cable enclosure should also have termite resistance.

The material of enclosure is made of high-quality engineering plastics. And it is able to be re-used and expanded.

Fiber Enclosure Dome 24C-144C


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