Project Description

Data Center Server Rack

Hot/Cold Aisle Containment

Bolein data center server rack has another name of server housting rack. It is modular design, it can work individually or cooperate with other units. It is very easy to change or add, as well as convenient to install and assemble.

With the cold channel system. The cold aisle relatively close to form storage pool space. Maximizing the utilization of cold air. And a single enclosure is to improve the heat dissipation from 3 Kw to 7 Kw. Meanwhile, bolein server housting rack with fire linkage. The fire linkage can provide a fire-fighting function when fire occurred–the cold pool roof will open automatically.

Embedded side door and removable front and rear doors, perfectly meet the requirement of different cold hot channels. With special sealing structure and accessories, and the cabinets seamless integration, to avoid cold loss. Between the mounting profile and side panel, there is a sealing panel which can completely prevent from airflow.

Optional sizes and accessories to meet a flexible use of different occasions.

1. 19 inches standard for devices installation;
2. Energy saving;
3. Safe and reliable quality;
4. Convenient opperation and assembling;
5. Flat packing when delivery to minimize your shipping cost.

Bolein Data Center.PDF


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