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Multi-Modular Plug Tooltest

Crimping & Cable Testing Tools

Tooltest is a small hand held cable map tester. It enables network professionals to quickly and easily test Ethernet twisted pair cables for wiring continuity, opens, shorts, and mis-wires. With a single push of TEST button, tooltest will automatically test cable and indicate the result of cables pin to pin configuration.

With its unique combination of a Crimper Tool and a Cable Tester in one, it is the smallest and most convinient and innovative tool in the market worldwide today.

The crimping tool consists of three parts: connector pressing port; flat stripping blade / round stripping blade / cutting blade; handle.

The application process for using is as steps below:

  1. Place the network cable into the corresponding stripping blade (round wire into round mouth, and flat wire into flat mouth);
  2. Peeling of the outer jack coating. There is a gap after the knife edge of the stripping port is closed. It can just cut into the sheath of the wire without cutting into the inner core of the wire, which is convenient for stripping the sheath of the wire.
  3. Cutting. After stripping, make the inner core arranged in order accordingly; and then lay them down; and then put the cutting line along the inner edge of the thread cutting edge.

  4. Put the ready wire into the top of the connector; and put the connector along the inner edge of the corresponding pressing port; pressing the wire by hand, keep the head tight against the connector;  and then close the handle with the other hand to ensure that the handle is closed. After tightening, release the handle to remove the connector. Then it is a ready patch cable with connectors.


  • Testing for both UTP and STP cable;
  • Testing cable for continuity, opens, shorts, mis-wires;
  • Pin to pin indication;
  • Dual-Mode Test Function: single and continous Test;
  • Auto Power Saving;
  • Low Power Indicator;
  • Single and Multi-wired Cable Crimping;
  • Modular Crimping Plugs: 8P8C/6P6C/6P4C;
  • Integrated cable stripper and cutter;
  • Crimping Tool and Cable Tester in One;
  • Ratchet Type.

Bolein Crimping & Cable Testing Solution.PDF


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