Project Description

Fan For Network Cabinet / Without Cable Plug

When installing the fan in the cabinet, it is mainly to consider how to choose a good air duct and install the air inlet and air outlet at a reasonable location, to ensure that the air between the two can convect normally so that the hot air inside the cabinet can be taken out, and the cabinet can keep in a normal and stable operating state. You can install single or double fans to the cabinet according to your own needs to ensure the operation of the cabinet.

Our item name is the fan for floor stand cabinets. we normally use two fan pieces in our floor stand network cabinet, when the width and depth of the cabinet are 600*600mm. And other sizes we use four pieces in it. But we can make it according to your requirement.

  • Surface Treatment is Powder Coated;
  • Application: Floor Standing Server Rack Cabinet Heat Dissipation;
  • 220-240V;
  • 50-60Hz;
  • 0.14A;
  • Approved by CE;
  • The material is SPCC Cold Rolled Steel;
  • The thickness size of the material is 0.8mm;
  • Cable plug is available (UK, EU, DE, FR, or other type plugs).

Bolein Cooling Fan for Network Cabinet. PDF


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