Project Description

Krone Module

BLLAT-3J10 Pair Magazine for 3 Pole

10 pair disconnection modular is also called Krone Module. It has the belowing features:

  •  The card connection module is compatible with Cologne LSA-PLUS series modules.
  • The design of the contact point is based on the principle of air tightness, and a reliable connection is obtained with the cable.
  • Size: (H x W x D): 122.5mm x 21.5mm x 40.5mm (10 pairs)
  • Operating environment conditions: temperature 5 ~ 40 ℃; relative humidity <85% (30 ℃); atmospheric pressure 70 ~ 106KPa
  • Pull-off force: tin bronze, silver-plated (20 ~ 40uinch), the applicable wire diameter is 0.4 ~ 0.6mm, and the pull-off force after forming is not less than 25N
  • Flame retardancy: PBT or flame retardant ABS is used for plastic parts, and its combustion performance should reach GB / T 5169.7-1985 standard.
  • Insulation resistance: Under standard atmospheric pressure, the insulation resistance between any two unconnected terminals is not less than 1000MΩ.
  • Contact resistance between terminals: Under standard atmospheric pressure, the contact resistance between any two unconnected terminals is not greater than 7mΩ.
  • Terminal contact resistance: Under standard test conditions, the terminal contact resistance of the wire and the terminal is not greater than 3mΩ.
  • Life: The life of the card connection is not less than 200 times.
  • Type and specification: 10 pairs, unbreakable type. Can introduce 0.4 ~ 0.6mm wire diameter single stranded copper core plastic cable, and the card connection module can provide protection for communication wiring and communication equipment wire pairs of station users and regional users.

The Krone module can be used for jumper wiring between users, and can also be used for connecting wiring between components introduced into the cabinet. The module has the function of breaking the internal and external lines, and can install a security unit or security arrangement for users to use for circuit overvoltage and overcurrent protection. Modular design, easy to install.



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