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Keystone Jack Box

86*86 type Back Box

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Back box, another name is keystone jack box. It is a kind of cabling accessories, which applies to the cabling sub-system in network, and it is to protect the wiring distribution modules, which acts as a home. In all network system, back box is not a key-feature accessory, but it is one of strong accessories, it plays a role of protector in the overall cabling effect.

The material of back box is generally ABS/PC, as well as metal in some condition. The external dimensions of the faceplate conform to the international standard 86*86MM which will perfectly match to faceplate.

The back box is made from high-impact ABS plastic, for years of durable use. Perfectly blends into the decor of your home or office. Protects and hides your network connections. Accepts all keystone inserts, installation fast and easy.

  • Made from high-impact ABS 94V-0 for long years use;
  • 86*86 size;
  • Color: white , ivory, customized by clients;
  • Protect your keystone where installed in the wall.

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