Project Description

Faceplate Single / Double Port

Normal Type, RJ11 & RJ45

Network faceplate is a kind of cabling accessories, which applies to the cabling sub-system in network, and it is suitable for installing multi-type modules. Its main function is to fix the module and protect the cable at the data interface, which acts as a shield. In all network system, faceplate is not a key-feature accessory, but it is one of surface accessories, it plays a role of good-looking and connection in the overall cabling effect.

The material of faceplate is generally ABS/PC, as well as metal in some condition. The external dimensions of the faceplate conform to the international standard 86*86MM. The embedded faceplate is easy to install and easy to identify data and voice port with embedded chart and label position on surface.

The faceplate is dust-proof by shutter to protect the module from dust and dirt when it is not used. Faceplate is suitable for multi-type both Rj45 and Rj11 module installation, flexible for the workspace subsystem. There is a transparent presentation board inside a blank card on the above of exit port.

Bolein faceplate fearures:

  • Made from high-impact ABS for long years use;
  • Perfectly blends into the decor of your home or office;
  • Protect and hide your network connection;
  • Accept all keystone jack inserts;
  • Standard 110 type IDC termination;

Bolein Faceplate.PDF


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