Project Description

24 Port Blank Patch Panel Plastic Type

  • Product name:24-port Blank patch panel
  • Ports are a number for easy connection identification.
  • Plastic frame.
  • Application for cat5e cat 6 cat6a cat 7 keystone jack.
  • (24)keystone Jack cutout.
  • Mounts easily into 1U of EIA-standard 19 inches.
  • Color: White, Grey, or Customized.
  • Approved by ROHS, CE.

The patch panel is used for end-user lines or junction lines and can be used to configure and connect them.

The patch panel is the most important component of the management subsystem and the hub for the cross-connection of the two subsystems of the vertical trunk and horizontal wiring.

The structure of each port of this patch panel is the same which makes sure that the performance of each port is consistent.

Fitting for 22/23/24 AWG cables, punching duration:250 times, FCC ports inserting duration:750 times.

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Bolein Plastic 24-Port Blank Patch Panel.PDF


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