Project Description

Brush Panel A Type / B Type

19″ standard brush panel management. The surface is powder coating with a shining appearance and less burr. This simply designed type is applicable for multiple wires management.

A cable manager is a tool used to settle electronic can be installed in the front of the cabinet. The cable manager simplifies the planning and installation of the cross-connection system. In other words, it is used to clarify the network wire, which has no direct relationship with the network, just for the convenience of management.

The standard width of the cable manager can be directly installed in a 19-inch network cabinet, which greatly facilitates the cable management work between equipment. According to the standard 19-inch network cabinet, the design is simple and provides flexible, effective, and safe management of various cables. Make the wiring system neat and beautiful.

Cable manager adopts a D-type design that has effectively contained more protects the wire from damage and has high-quality SPCC and is durable. The high-density design of metal material cold rolled steel plate can effectively prevent external electromagnetic interference.

  • 19″ standard brush panel;
  • A type: both sides close;
  • B type: one side open, one side close.

Bolein Brush Panel.PDF


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