Project Description

19″ Rackmount PLC Splitter

SC/APC 2*16 

Profile of Optical Splitter:

Optical splitter is one of the most important passive components in optical fiber links. It is an optical fiber tandem device with multiple inputs and multiple outputs. According to fusion method, we divide splitter into two types, one is FBT (Fused Bi-conical Tap) PLC (Planar Light wave Circuit) .

FBT is to make two or more (if more than 4 fibers, it will be splitted into more fibers by 2) optical fibers by side splicing. PLC is a kind of micro-optical element product. Using lithography technology, on the dielectric or semiconductor substrate to form optical wave to distribute and split.


  • More than 20 years of history and development, raw materials are quartz substrate, optical fiber, shrinkable tube, stainless steel tube and some rubbers, machine investment depreciation is less. Cost is lower.
  • We can monitor in time as needed to obtain equal or unequal proportion.
  • Loss is sensitive to wavelength, limited available wavelength signal.
  • Poor homogeneity. Maximum 1X4 nominal tolerance is around 1.5dB, above 1×8 the tolerance is even greater.
  • The change of insertion loss with temperature is large.
  • Large size,Such as 1×16, 1×32 .It’s quite bulky.


  • Complicated device fabrication process and device.The cost is higher than that of FBT, Especially in the less channels
  • Cannot obtain unequal proportion, only equal splitting.
  • Loss is not sensitive to the wavelength , It can meet the transmission requirements of different wavelengths (1260-1650nm).
  • Uniform Spectroscopy. The signal can be evenly distributed among users.
  • Small size (e.g. minimum size of 1 x 32can be 4×7×50mm), can be directly installed in various existing transfer boxes. No special design allows for a large installation space.
  • The fiber channel is more, can reach more than 32 fibers.

Bolein 19″ rack mount SC/APC 2*16 single mode PLC optical splitter features:

  • Low insertion loss and low PDL;
  • Wide operation wavelength: 1310/1490/1550
  • Application for CATV, PON, FTTx, optical signal distribution.



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