Project Description

Blank Bezel

1/4–50mm*12.5mm, 1/2–50mm*25mm

Bolein supplies a comprehensive range of plastic accessories, including blank bezel, to provide an outlet solution for wall, trucking and floor box applications. These accessories have been designed to be used in conjunction with jacks.

All faceplates are coming with M3.5 mounting screws and are available in both modular and low cost shuttered versions. For the UK faceplate, there is one blank area in the middle of it, sometimes we need using the bezels to cover it when it is not used.

Generally, 1/4 or 1/2 sizes are available depends on Bolein UK faceplate design. For single port, the bezel is 1/4, 50*12.5mm; for double port, the bezel is 1/2, 50*25mm. However, it is also to use 1/4, 50*12.5 bezel on the double port UK faceplate, where is one port is with shutter or modules, and another port is empty.

This bezel’s material is also ABS as faceplate, and color is mostly white or ivry to match the faceplate. In all network system, bezel is not a key-feature accessory, but it is one of surface accessories, it plays a role of good-looking and connection in the overall cabling effect.

Bolein Blank-Bezel.PDF


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