Project Description

Mesh Door Server Rack Cabinet Floor Standing

Vented Door 22U-47U W800*D1000mm

Mesh door server rack consists of frames and covers (doors), and generally it has a rectangular parallelepiped shape and works on the floor. It provides a suitable environment and safety protection for the normal operation of electronic equipment. Datacenter server rack is the first and basic level in the whole data center system. If a server rack is without covers or doors, we name it as open rack.

Dimensions Options:

  • Available height including 22U/27U/32U/37U/42U/47U.
  • The standard width is 800mm.
  • The standard depth is 1000mm.
  • Workable installation space for 800mm depth devices/items storage.

Door Options:

  • Front door options: mesh single-door with spring lock, mesh double-door available.
  • Rear door options: solid steel door or vented/mesh door(double-door or single-door).
  • Removable side doors, optional for small round lock.

Accessories Options:

  • 4pcs fans on the top cover, based on the depth (D600mm with 2pcs fans, D800mm & D1000mm with 4pcs fans).
  • 1-3pcs fixed shelves included depends on different height (floor standing below 27U with 1pc fixed shelf, 32U & 37U with 2pcs fixed shelves, 42U & 47U with 3pcs fixed shelves). The sliding shelf is also available for option.
  • Available with 2pcs vertical cable manager.
  • 20-40 sets M6 screw & cage nuts included, depends on different height (floor standing below 27U with 20sets screws, 32U & 37U with 30sets screws, 42U & 47U with 40sets screws).
  • 4pcs castors (with or without brake optional).
  • 4pcs adjustable feet.
  • UK, EU, IEC C13 & C19, Multi-function etc. types PDU optional.

Bolein Floor Standing Mesh Door Server Rack Cabinet.PDF


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